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This module sets out concepts relating to the secure use of ICT in daily life and skills used to maintain a secure network connection, use the Internet safely and securely, and manage data and information appropriately.


The IT Security syllabus has been updated to version 2.0. If you are still using IT Security Syllabus version 1.0, click here for details. To find out what version is available to you, contact your local ECDL Operator.

The Syllabus sets out the specific knowledge and skills that make up this module, as informed by input from subject matter experts from a wide range of computer societies and organisations.

Download the IT Security Module Syllabus 2.0 (PDF)

On completion of this module the candidate will be able to:

  • Understand the importance of keeping information and data secure, and identify common data/privacy protection, retention and control principles.
  • Recognise threats to personal security from identity theft and potential threats to data from using cloud computing.
  • Be able to use passwords and encryption to secure files and data.
  • Understand the threat of malware and be able to protect a computer, device or network from malware and address malware attacks.
  • Recognise common network and wireless security types and be able to use personal firewalls and personal hotspots.
  • Protect a computer or device from unauthorised access and be able to safely manage and update passwords.
  • Use appropriate web browser settings and understand how to authenticate websites and browse the web securely.
  • Understand communication security issues that can arise from using e-mail, social networks, voice over Internet protocol, instant messaging and mobile devices.
  • Back up and restore data to local and cloud storage locations and delete and dispose of data and devices securely.

What are the benefits of this module?

  • Covers the key skills and main concepts relating to ICT, computers, devices, and software.
  • Certifies best practice in IT security
  • Developed with input from computer users, subject matter experts, and practising computer professionals from all over the world. This process ensures the relevance and range of module content

    Syllabus Overview:





    Security Concepts

    • Data Threats
    • Value of Information
    • Personal Security
    • File Security



    • Types and Methods 
    • Protection
    • Resolving and Removing


    Network Security

    • Networks and Connections
    • Wireless Security

    Acces Control   

    • Methods
    • Password Management

    Secure Web Use

    • Browser Settings
    • Secure Browsing



    • E-mail
    • Social Networking
    • VoIP and Instant Messaging
    • Mobile


    Secure Data Management

    • Secure and Back up Data
    • Secure Deletion and Destruction


    Sample Test

    ECDL Foundation provides sample tests to enable potential candidates and employers to understand ECDL IT Security in more depth and prepare for testing.

    Download the IT Security V2.0 Sample Test - Windows 7 Office 2010 (.zip)

    Please note: Answers are provided for the multiple choice questions of the sample papers, please refer to ECDL training materials for information on practical tasks.

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