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Since it was created in 1996, the ECDL syllabus has been revised many times.

17 years later, New ECDL is another overhaul of the programme. Some modules have been combined and revised along with technology changes, and brand new modules have been created.  

ECDL modules now fit into three different categories: Base, Standard, and Advanced. These categories also form the basis of our recommended profiles.

There are two new Base modules which cover essential knowledge for computers and the internet.

Computer Essentials covers everything from hardware to software to malware. It teaches essential concepts and skills about the use of devices, file creation and management, networks and data security.

Online Essentials covers security and safety on the web, the concepts of online communities, communications and email. It covers the essentials you need for going online, including web browsing, effective search engine use, online communication and email.

Along with Word Processing and Spreadsheets, these modules form ECDL Base Profile.

Online collaboration is a new Standard module that’s essential for our world of cloud-storage, shared online documents and social networking. It covers the tools, theories and technologies behind online collaboration, along with the risks.

Other Standard modules include Presentation, Using Databases, Web Editing, Project Planning, Image Editing, Project Planning, IT Security and 2D Computer Aided Design.

Advanced modules include Advanced Word Processing, Advanced Databases, Advanced Spreadsheets and Advanced Presentation.

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