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Governments and organisations have moved towards the online provision of information, products and services, changing the way we interact with them.  This shift presents a challenge for a large number of citizens who currently lack the necessary skills to access these online services and for the government departments and organisations who find that these services are largely underutilised because people lack the necessary skills set to access and use them.

e-Citizen enables those with limited knowledge of computers to get the most out of the Internet and email by explaining the basics of computing and Internet-based communication.

  • It is a certification programme that enables people to learn how to use computers and the Internet.
  • It has been designed to help people get the most out of the Internet by explaining how it works.
  • It provides the essential skills that people need to actively access and engage in the information society.
  • It is the solution for anyone who feels like they are losing out because they lack internet skills.

Who is it for?
e-Citizen is specifically developed for people with a limited knowledge of computers and the Internet. Currently there is still a large proportion of the population (c.50%) that do not have the appropriate skills to access the Internet.  In particular, those from socio-economically disadvantaged backgrounds, geographically marginalised areas, and the elderly make up a large demographic of those who cannot use the Internet.

The e-Citizen certification programme is open to everyone regardless of status, education, age, ability or understanding; it is helpful (but not essential) to have a little knowledge of computers before enrolling in this programme.  Typical candidates participating in the e-Citizen programme are those who use computers infrequently, and feel marginalised or excluded by not having the skills to access the internet, interact with others, and purchase goods and services over the Internet. 

e-Citizen for the elderly Project
ECDL Foundation in association with Age Action Ireland and the Irish Computer Society completed a project to discover the benefits of e-Citizen certification in Ireland. 
Click here to watch the video to see the results

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