New ECDL to help tackle EU Unemployment and Brain Drain

ECDL Foundation will Announce a New Approach to ECDL Certification, Which Will Support the Aims of the Grand Coalition on Digital Jobs.

28 February 2013

ECDL Foundation welcomes the actions of the European Commission in forming a coalition that focuses on digital job creation, and during the period to 2015, pledges to undertake several specific actions in support of the certification, training and education objectives of the Grand Coalition

With unemployment hitting all-time highs in many European countries, the ‘new ECDL’ certification programme is being launched in Europe in 2013. The ‘new ECDL’, with a wider range of modules and greater flexibility, reflects the growing need for certification options that support employability directly by aligning individuals’ skills with employers’ needs. Tailored skilling and upskilliing of the workforce through a recognised certification standard that has flexibility will help create more and better jobs, as well as facilitate labour mobility.

E-business skills and the capacity of SMEs to use ICT to drive organisational growth through efficiencies and innovation will be addressed with the launch of a new certification module, ‘ICT for Small Business’. With SMEs representing an estimated 90% of European businesses, their effective integration of technology for business growth is key for Europe’s future. The grand coalition can be a valuable platform to catalyse such business growth.

Also, digitally skilled teachers will be integral to Europe’s future education levels and economic growth. As Europe’s youth unemployment rockets, many education systems struggle to provide the digital education required to deliver e-skilled students for prospective employers. Teachers will only deliver digital education if they themselves acquire the competence to use ICT as a pedagogic tool that facilitates learning in all subjects. A new certification ‘ICT for Educators’ will be piloted during 2013 to provide a standard for educators on the key skills and knowledge required to incorporate ICT into curricula. This will help educators understand the benefits of integrating ICT in the classroom and promote a culture of  lifelong professional development in education systems. It will assist teachers in exploring the potential of ICT as a tool for educating, which in turn will enhance the digital learning experience and learning outcomes for Europe’s students.

‘New ECDL’ will be announced at the grand coalition’s inaugural event in March, with the European network of certification providers, with over 24,000 test centres undertaking to implement this in the months that follow.

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