ECDL / ICDL For Individuals

The ability to use a computer effectively is an essential life skill. Computer skills enable people of all ages to understand and use technology to improve their personal and professional lives. Certified computer skills can help the holder’s professional life by making them more attractive to employers, while increasing their ability to communicate and access information and services in their personal life.

ECDL / ICDL for Life

Communicate, Connect, Interact - ECDL Foundation’s certification programmes can help individuals communicate, connect, and interact with friends and family, and also enables them to access a wide range of information and services that can simplify their life and save time. 
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Testimonials & Case Studies

Over 13 million individuals have enrolled on ECDL Foundation's certification programmes in 150 countries around the world. Click here to read some of their comments about their experience.

ECDL / ICDL for Work

What Employers Want – Employers know that people with computer skills are more productive. They are more efficient in carrying out tasks that could otherwise be time-consuming. Employers want employees who are skilled and who will contribute to achieving goals in the most efficient, effective, and productive manner. Read More

How do I get Started?

To find out more information about ECDL Foundation's certification programmes and to locate a test centre near you, visit the website of the operator of ECDL Foundation's programmes in your country. Click here to search

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