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Computing and Digital Literacy: Call for a Holistic Approach 

ECDL Foundation launched its newest position paper this week, dealing with the issue of e-skills at school. The paper explores the different approaches to teaching computing and digital literacy in schools.

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The Fallacy of the 'Digital Native’: Why Young People Need to Develop their Digital Skills’ 

New ECDL Foundation position paper: Exposure to technology cannot be equated with ability to use it. Research shows that not all young people are tech savvy or have an interest to learn more.

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25-10-2016AICA Develops ECDL Tests & E-learning Based on Google’s G Suite
25-10-2016Central and Eastern European ECDL National Operators Meet in Bonn
25-10-2016ICDL Expands in the Horn of Africa
25-10-2016ICDL Presented to Key Figures in New Zealand
25-10-2016New Manifesto Launched Calling for Support for Digital Economy in Europe
25-10-2016Strategic Agreement Signed to Expand ICDL in Nigeria
25-10-2016Teachers’ Skills Highlighted in CEDEFOP Workshop
25-10-2016Tripoli University Signs Agreement to Boost Usage of ICDL
18-10-2016Bratislava Declaration Calls for Better Digital Skills Across Europe to Boost Economy
17-10-2016EU Marks Annual Code Week
10-10-2016European Commission Staff Receive ECDL Certification
03-10-2016IT Security Skills Essential According to New ECDL Foundation Position Paper
01-10-2016250,000th ECDL Candidate Registered in Switzerland
01-10-2016ICDL Asia Presents ICDL Programme to Universities & Government Agencies in the Philippines
01-10-2016ICDL Off to a Great Start at University of Panama
01-10-2016ICDL Presented to Key Organisations and Ministries in Tunisia
01-10-2016ICDL Teacher Training Workshops Begin in Taiwan
01-10-2016Students Achievements Recognised at ICDL Graduation Ceremony in Jordan
01-10-2016Survey Confirms Digitisation of Everyday Life
07-09-2016Irish Defence Forces Highlight Benefit of ECDL
06-09-2016ECDL Foundation Launches Brochure on Qualifications Frameworks
01-09-2016ICDL Colombia Participates in the International Teleworking Fair
30-08-2016Digital Skills for Rwandan Youth
30-08-2016ECDL Recognised as an Entry Requirement for Working in the Maltese Public Service
30-08-2016First Train the Trainer Programme launched in Tanzania
30-08-2016Importance of Digital Skills in Vocational Education & Training Highlighted by European Commission Brochure
30-08-2016IT Security Project for Students Sees Amazing Success in Italy
30-08-2016Professional Development for Teachers & Trainers Essential to Future Success of Vocational Education and Training
30-08-2016Report from University of Oxford Argues Importance of Digital Skills for Economic Prosperity
30-08-2016Slovakian Employers Organisation Shows Support for ECDL
11-08-2016Estonia and South Korea Lead the World in Barclays Digital Development Index
08-08-2016President of India Launches 15 International Skills Centres to Train Future Migrant Workforce
02-08-2016Digital Skills Featured Prominently in Programme for Slovak Presidency of the Council of the European Union
01-07-20161,000 Syrian Refugees Gain ICDL Certificates
01-07-2016100 Young Dutch IT professionals to take the ‘IT Oath’
01-07-2016Augmented Reality for Technical Entrepreneurs
01-07-2016CITA Recognises ECDL Foundation's Efforts to Promote Digital Literacy
01-07-2016Economist Intelligence Unit Finds Vast Majority of EU & US Executives Are Worried About Digital Skills Gaps
01-07-2016ICDL Africa Shares Insight on the Future of ICT in Education in Rwanda
01-07-2016ICDL Americas Promotes Digital Inclusion and Skills Development at Virtual Educa Event
01-07-2016ICDL Foundation Visit to Vietnam Results in Agreement to Sign Memorandum of Understanding to Boost Digital Skills
01-07-2016ICT Will Impact All Types of Work According to European Commission Study
01-07-2016OECD Highlights Importance of Basic Digital Literacy in Report on 'Skills for a Digital World'
01-07-2016Study Finds Digital Skills Gap Costs UK Billions of Pounds
10-06-2016European Qualifications Framework and ICDL Highlighted at Workshop in Jordan
10-06-2016Major New Skills Agenda for Europe Featuring Digital Skills Announced by European Commission
10-06-2016New Agreement Signed to Promote Safe & Effective Use of Internet Among Children in UAE
01-06-2016Digital Skills Highlighted in Council of the European Union Conclusions
01-06-2016ECDL Highlighted by EU Agency
01-06-2016Excellence in Implementing ECDL / ICDL Around the World Showcased During ECDL Forum in Budapest
25-05-2016ECDL Foundation Strengthens Relationship with Turkish Informatics Association
25-05-2016ECDL Spain Celebrates Internet Day 2016
25-05-2016Italian School Students Compete in Third Edition of Highly Successful Webtrotter Competition
25-05-2016New Sample Tests for Open Source Software on
20-05-2016Agreement Signed Between ICDL Americas and the Association of Universities of Latin America and the Caribbean for Integration
20-05-2016ICDL Thailand Meets Thai Minister of ICT for Collaboration Discussions
20-05-2016Partnership with University Brings ICDL to Panama
20-05-2016Syrian Computer Society and Specto Co-operate to Launch ICDL Advanced and Specialised Modules in Syria
03-05-2016ECDL Adopted by European Commission Directorate-General for Research & Innovation
27-04-20161 Million Indians to be Empowered with ICDL by National Skill Development Corporation of India in 5 Years
27-04-2016Almost 400 Students Participate in National Informatics Olympiad in Romania
27-04-2016Digital Skills Assessment Promoted in Tunisian Universities
27-04-2016ECDL Foundation Signs Agreement with ECDL Netherlands
27-04-2016European Commission Calls for Improved Digital Skills as Part of Digitising European Industry
27-04-2016ICDL Americas Attends ‘Virtual Environments in Education’ Fair in Panama
27-04-2016ICDL Arabia Signs Agreement with Egyptian Ministry of Education
27-04-2016ICDL Asia Joins Forces with Bhutan Ministry of Labour and Human Resources
27-04-2016ICDL Digital Citizen Demonstrates Digital Skills that Drive the Work of Public Servants in Colombia
27-04-2016ICDL to be Available for Public University Students in Jakarta
27-04-2016Irish Embassy in Ethiopia Becomes ICDL Africa Test Centre
27-04-2016New ECDL Module Highlighted at ICS Skills Conference in Dublin
27-04-2016Nordic ECDL National Operators Gather in Stockholm
19-04-2016New ECDL Foundation Position Paper – Perception & Reality: Measuring Digital Skills in Europe
15-04-2016Winner of 2016 ECDL Foundation Video Competition Receives Prize at Ceremony in Poland
30-03-2016ICDL Americas Opens Regional Office for Latin America and the Caribbean in Panama
30-03-2016New Skills Agenda for Europe Discussed at High-Level Conference in The Hague
30-03-2016Online Safety for School Students, Parents and Teachers Promoted in Gulf Schools by ICDL Arabia
30-03-2016Seminar Raises Awareness of ICDL Among Jordanian Students
29-03-2016ECDL Will be Promoted by Certiuni Foundation in Spain Thanks to New Agreement
25-03-2016ICDL Asia Announces New National Operator in Taiwan
14-03-2016ECDL Foundation Joins EU Working Group on Digital Skills and Competences
14-03-2016ICDL to be Available at 11 State Universities, Colleges and Private Schools in the Philippines
10-03-2016ICDL Americas Signs Agreement with the Association of Universities of Latin America and the Caribbean
07-03-2016BCS Highlights Workplace Digital Skills in Video with University of East London
24-02-2016Students in Lucknow, India, Set to See Digital Skills Boosted
22-02-2016ICDL Americas and IPANDETEC Sign Agreement of Understanding
21-02-2016Sample Tests Now Available for Windows 10, Internet Explorer 11 and Edge Browser
20-02-2016ICDL Officially Adopted by Tunisian Union of Industry, Trade and Handicrafts
19-02-2016‘Skills to Pay the Bills’ in Rwanda
18-02-2016Developing ICDL a Key Topic During Visits to Kenya and Uganda
17-02-2016Thailand’s Naval Rating School Adopts ICDL
16-02-2016ICDL Arabia Celebrates 2016 Safer Internet Day in Dubai with the Ministry of the Interior
15-02-2016OECD Report Points to Digital Skills as Key to Future Employment
12-02-2016Millions in the UK Lack Digital Abilities
11-02-2016More than 1,000 Instructors Receive Training and ICDL Certification in Colombia
11-02-2016Staying Safe Online has never been so Important as World Marks Safer Internet Day
10-02-2016ICDL Welcomes 3 New Universities as Accredited Test Centres in Vietnam
09-02-2016ICDL Asia Meets With Directors from Vietnam Ministry of Information and Communications
26-01-2016Digital Competition Launched in Italy for ECDL Graduates at School
21-01-2016ICDL Arabia Becomes Member of Taskforce Against Online Child Abuse
20-01-2016DigitalEurope Calls for Digital Skills to be in the Spotlight in EU’s Upcoming European Skills Initiative
20-01-2016European Parliament Calls for More Work on Digital Skills in Position on Digital Single Market Strategy
20-01-2016Rwanda Hosts Second ICDL Train-the-Trainer Workshop
19-01-2016Head of ECDL Lithuania is new Digital Champion
18-01-2016ICDL Highlighted by Irish Minister at Digital Skills Event in Kenya
07-01-2016Limited Awareness of Importance of Digital Skills According to Recent Study
06-01-2016Digital Literacy Strategy Adopted in Czech Republic
05-01-2016ICDL at Heart of Training and ICT Awareness Project in Caquetá, Colombia
16-12-2015ECDL ICT in Education Pilot Training Programme
16-12-2015ECDL National Operator in Croatia Celebrates 40th Anniversary
16-12-2015European People’s Party Highlights Digital Skills in Resolution
16-12-2015First ICDL Test Centre Accredited in Mauritania
16-12-2015Half of Workers in EU Have Insufficient Digital Skills Says European Parliament Briefing Note
16-12-2015ICDL Africa Holds Workshops for Accredited Test Centres in Nigeria
16-12-2015ICDL Certification Delivered to Teachers at Mexican University in 2015 Training Programme
16-12-2015Seven New ICDL Accredited Test Centres in Tunisia
14-12-2015Vietnam Recognises ICDL as a Digital Literacy Standard
11-12-2015ICDL Asia General Manager Participates in Singapore Executive Dialogue Session
10-12-2015ICDL Adopted for Students of Hanoi Vocational College of High Technology
09-12-2015Nigeria Centre Stage as ICDL Africa Visits
01-12-2015ICDL Africa signs Agreement with Kenya School of Government
01-12-2015ICDL Foundation CEO Attends ICDL Africa Forum in Kenya
01-12-2015ICDL Foundation CEO Visits Korea Productivity Center
01-12-2015Project Planning Module Introduced to Universities in Sudan
26-11-2015ECDL Cyprus Participates in EU Code Week
25-11-2015ICDL Highlighted During 2015 National Science and Technology Fair in St. Vincent and the Grenadines
24-11-2015EU Report Argues for Better Integration of ICT in Education
23-11-2015More than 400 Teachers Gain ICDL Certification in Colombia
23-11-2015Successful Competition Promotes Students’ Use of ICT in Italy
20-11-2015ICDL Participates in Advanced Education Seminar in Chile
13-11-2015Digital Skills Can Help People in Crisis
12-11-2015IT Security Key to ‘Digital Union’ According to European Commissioner
10-11-2015European Parliament Committee Highlights Need to Improve Digital Skills
28-10-2015Colombian Government Begins ICDL Certification with Teleworking Profile
28-10-2015ECDL Helps Students Boost Digital Literacy as Part of Coventry University’s ‘Add+vantage’ Employability Programme
28-10-2015EU ICT Policy Discussed at Major ‘ICT2015’ Conference in Lisbon
28-10-2015Funding Opportunities Under Erasmus+ to be Highlighted at Event in Brussels
28-10-2015ICDL Americas Presents its First Digital Skills Survey in Mexico
28-10-2015ICDL Asia Holds Annual Asia Pacific Meeting in Singapore
28-10-2015ICDL Endorsed by the American University of Beirut
28-10-2015New ICDL Modules Introduced to Schools in Jordan
28-10-2015OECD Report Highlights Importance of Digital Skills in the Workplace
28-10-2015Public Consultation on Internet Speed & Quality in Europe Beyond 2020
16-10-2015ECDL Foundation Launches New Position Paper on Computing and Digital Literacy in Schools at Event in European Parliament
07-10-2015Rwanda Pioneers New ICDL ‘Train the Trainer’ Programme
01-10-20159th Balkan Region ECDL Forum Takes Place in Skopje
01-10-2015European Parliament Resolution Puts Digital Skills at Heart of Promoting Youth Entrepreneurship
01-10-2015ICDL Iran Participates in New Curriculum for Digital Skills as Part of Literacy Training
01-10-2015ICDL Shines at Annual Conference of Kenyan Technical Training Institutes
01-10-2015Over 1,000 Trainers of the National Learning Service in Colombia to be ICDL Certified
01-10-2015UN Collaboration Takes ICDL Across Borders from Côte d’Ivoire to Rwanda
29-09-2015IT Security Module Announced as 2015 European Cyber Security Month Kicks Off
28-09-2015World Education Summit Speech Highlights Urgent Need for Digital Skills Development in India
25-09-2015Exciting Opportunities for ICDL Asia in Myanmar
26-08-201511th Anniversary of ICDL Iran Celebrated with ICDL Day on 22 July
26-08-2015Female Students Benefit from Successful ICDL Collaboration in Zimbabwe
26-08-2015ICDL Certification Sessions to Feature at Tripoli University ‘Open Month’
26-08-2015ICDL Presented at CASIE 2015 Event in Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan
26-08-2015More ICDL Modules Introduced by AQAS
26-08-2015New Strategic Agreement Between ICDL Arabia and Egypt’s Arab Academy for Science and Technology and Maritime Transport
25-08-2015Digital Literacy of UAE’s Underprivileged Children Reinforced by ICDL Arabia & HSBC Summer Camp Groups
24-08-2015ICDL Americas Attends the 5th Ministerial Conference on the Information Society in Latin America and the Caribbean
21-08-2015‘ICDL Certifight 2015’ Challenges School Students to Prove Digital Skills in Singapore
21-08-2015Study Highlights Danger of Retail Sector Digital Skills Gap
28-07-20152,500th ECDL Certificate Issued in the Principality of Liechtenstein
28-07-2015AICA Inducted into ‘Digital Champions’ Association
28-07-2015Digital Skills Feature in Luxembourg’s Priorities for EU During Rotating Presidency
28-07-2015European Politicians Call for Investment in Digital Skills
28-07-2015Four New National Coalitions for Digital Skills and Jobs in Europe
28-07-2015ICDL Adopted by 10 New Schools in Jordan
28-07-2015ICDL Americas Participates in the 16th International Virtual Educa Event in Mexico
28-07-2015New Partnership in UAE to see 50 Women Jobseekers & Entrepreneurs Gain Digital Skills through ICDL
27-07-2015Teachers’ Lack of Confidence in Collaborative Tools Revealed Despite Recognition of their Importance to the Classroom According to Online4Edu Survey
26-07-2015ICDL Asia Meets Key Educational Institutes in Vietnam
25-07-2015ICDL Asia Participates in ICT Technical Forum for Government Professionals in the Philippines
24-07-2015ICDL Arrives in Bhutan with First Accredited Test Centre and Meetings with Key Government Officials
23-07-2015ICDL Available to Audit Offices across Pacific Region Thanks to Pioneering Agreement
22-07-2015CSZ Host Annual Forum with ICDL Foundation CEO as Special Guest
21-07-2015Success for ICDL in Kenya Showcased During Visit from ICDL Foundation CEO
20-07-20157,500 Jobseekers in New Zealand to Benefit from ICDL Certification
08-07-2015Four New National Coalitions for Digital Skills and Jobs in Europe
24-06-20151000 Staff at Libyan Ministry of Youth and Sports to Have Chance to Gain ICDL
24-06-2015Growth for ICDL in Sudan as Universities and Colleges Accredited by AQAS
24-06-2015ICDL Arabia Warns Fake Certificate Holders in Egypt Could Face Legal Trouble and Job Dismissal
24-06-2015ICDL Asia Accredited Test Centre Forum 2015
24-06-2015ICDL Asia and ICDL Foundation Meet Thai Deputy Prime Minister as Country Transforms into Digital Society
24-06-2015ICDL El Djazair Establishes Strategic Relations with Algerian Tourism Sector
24-06-2015Irish Government Minister visits ICDL School in South Africa
24-06-2015Plan-it Consultants Signs Memorandum of Understanding with Leading Thai University
22-06-2015Going ‘Up-Country’ in Rwanda, ICDL Africa Takes to the Road
19-06-2015ICDL Puts Students in the Driving Seat
16-06-2015ICDL Brings Opportunity for Women in District Prison of Bogota, Colombia
10-06-2015Addressing Digital Skills Mismatch & Widening Funding Included in European Commission Report on Digital Single Market Strategy
08-06-2015Grand Coalition for Digital Jobs Reinforced by European Commission’s Digital Single Market Strategy
03-06-2015ECDL Makes ‘Competent e-Teachers’ in Poland
01-06-2015EU Strategy for Education and Training Discussed at Meeting of Education Ministers
27-05-2015Al Brega Oil Marketing Company to Fund ICDL Training and Testing for 2,000 Employees in Libya
27-05-2015New ICDL Adopted by Dubai Police’s Transportation Security Administration
27-05-2015Skills Are Main Obstacle Preventing People Joining the Digital Society
26-05-2015European Commission’s ‘Going Local’ Campaign Begins in Bulgaria
26-05-2015Provincial Council of Huesca Promotes ECDL Under EU Project
25-05-2015ICDL Advanced Launched in Darfur
25-05-2015ICDL Africa Promotes Digital Literacy from ‘Heart of Africa’ at eLearning Africa Conference
22-05-2015Importance of Creativity, Innovation and Digital Skills to Improving Later Learning Emphasised
21-05-2015ECDL Opens Doors for New Arrivals in Austria
21-05-2015ICDL Asia Visits Two Queensland ‘Great Public Schools’ (GPS) Offering ICDL to Students
20-05-2015ICDL Asia: Empowerment Through ICDL Base
19-05-2015Digital Skills Tested at Léon Book Fair by ICDL Latinoamérica
19-05-2015ICDL Latinoamérica presentando su programa de certificaciones digitales en la Ciudad de México y en la última edición de la Feria del Libro de León
12-05-2015EU Launches Digital Single Market Strategy & Calls for Better Digital Skills
11-05-2015ECDL / ICDL Stakeholders Gather from Around the World at ECDL Forum in Warsaw, Poland
01-05-2015Excellence in ECDL / ICDL Showcased at Best Practice Awards 2015
29-04-2015Cairo University Signs Three-year Agreement with ICDL Arabia
29-04-2015e-Skills for Jobs Campaign Launched in Riga
29-04-2015ICDL Asia Management Makes its First Visit to India
29-04-2015IT Security Module Key for ICDL Lebanon
29-04-2015Success of ‘ECDL for Schools’ in UK
22-04-2015ICDL Asia Partners with CIMA South Asia to Recommend New Profile for Accountants
20-04-2015National Information Technology Park of Mongolia (NITP) Becomes ICDL Accredited Test Centre
16-04-2015Skills Focus for EU’s Digital Champions in 2015
14-04-2015Egyptian Ministry of Health Endorses ICDL HIS Certification Programme
08-04-2015Europeans Should Have Access to Digital Skills with Digital Single Market Strategy
07-04-2015European Commission Takes Concrete Steps Against Gender Discrimination in ICT
06-04-2015Digital Divide Could Divide Europe
24-03-2015ICDL Arabia Targets 40,000 Candidates for IT Security Certification
19-03-2015ICDL Launched in the Philippines Thanks to Agreement Between ICDL Asia & DOST-ICTO
18-03-2015Success for ECDL Certification Project by Spanish Young Women’s’ Federation
16-03-2015ICT Skills Training: Opening the Door to the World of Employment
13-03-2015New Standard for Vocational Teachers Provided by ECDL Germany
12-03-2015ECDL is Standard ICT Skills Certification for French Non-Commissioned Officers
11-03-2015Digital Skills Advanced in Jakarta Through New Accredited Test Centre
10-03-2015New Indicator Tracks EU’s Digital Competitiveness
09-03-2015Cyprus Chamber of Commerce & Industry Unites with Cyprus Computer Society to Promote ECDL
06-03-2015#Digital4EU Stakeholder Forum
05-03-2015ECDL Spain Presents New ECDL at AULA: Spain’s largest education fair
04-03-2015‘Fallacy of the Digital Native’ Position Paper Now in Multiple Languages
03-03-2015ICDL Africa Makes High-Level Contacts in Uganda and Connects Accredited Test Centres in Kenya
02-03-2015Digital Skills Key to Unlocking Knowledge-based Economy According to EESC Opinion
26-02-2015Irish Computer Society Unveils New Data Protection Essentials Module
24-02-2015Key Figures in Sudan Meet with ICDL National Operator
22-02-2015High Level Meetings Pave the Way for More ICDL Opportunities in Tunisia
20-02-2015Sample Tests Now Available for Open Source Office Software
19-02-2015Deutsche Bank Supports ICDL’s Training Programme for Orphan Children in Qatar
19-02-2015Norwegian Municipality Invests in IT Skills
16-02-2015New ICDL Profile Structure Adopted by Qatar Civil Aviation Authority (QCAA)
15-02-2015More and More People Online, But Still Work to Do
12-02-2015Debunking the ‘Digital Native’
12-02-2015Latvian Presidency Prioritises Digital, Competitive & Engaged Europe
11-02-2015Datenschutz Module Satisfies Need for Better Data Protection Skills in Germany
06-02-2015Safer Internet Day 2015
29-01-2015It all Started with a Tweet: ICDL Africa Signs Memorandum of Understanding with Rwandan Government
27-01-2015‘Diskobolos for Teachers’ Rewards Best IT Teachers in Serbia
26-01-2015New Accredited Test Centres for the New Year in Iran
21-01-2015Serbian Ministry of Defence Received Award for use of ECDL
13-01-2015Europe Facing Digital 'Lost Generation' Thanks to 'Digital Native' Fallacy
10-01-2015ICDL Iran Unveils Fresh Skills Card Design & Online Skills Card Sales
05-01-2015New ECDL Foundation Position Paper: ‘The Fallacy of the ‘Digital Native’: Why Young People Need to Develop their Digital Skills’

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