ECDL Foundation Newsletter - October 2016

ECDL/ICDL in Action Around the World

ICDL Colombia Participates in the International Teleworking Fair

The 3rd International Teleworking Fair, organised by the Colombian Ministry of ICT and Ministry of Labour, with support from the Ministry of Justice, the Administrative Department of Public Service and Bogota City Council, took place on 30 and 31 August in Bogota. The event brought together companies, workers, entrepreneurs, government representatives, national and international experts, and members of the general public.

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250,000th ECDL Candidate Registered in Switzerland

ECDL Switzerland has celebrated reaching 250,000 candidates, with Sonia Afonso receiving her ECDL registration at a ceremony held in Lucerne. The ECDL programme has seen great success in the country, with 16,000 candidates taking certification tests each year in Switzerland and Liechtenstein. The majority of candidates are under 26 years old.

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ICDL Off to a Great Start at University of Panama

The completion of the University of Panama’s first pilot ICDL certification was celebrated with ICDL Americas at a ceremony on 1 September, with certificates being awarded to successful candidates. During the same week, ICDL Americas and the University of Panama also signed a Framework Agreement of Academic Cooperation, based on a mutual interest in developing innovation, technological advancement and skills for employability and productivity in Panama.

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Irish Defence Forces Highlight Benefit of ECDL

The Irish Defence Forces have noted the benefits that ECDL brings to their personnel at training institutions, on Naval ships, or on overseas missions. Discussing the way that ECDL is integrated into the Defence Forces, Flight Sergeant Will Fitzgerald said, “the Defence Forces have an ongoing requirement for its personnel to be highly trained as computer and system users in an environment where competence in IT is essential for mission accomplishment.” … “Validation of [our] competency in IT skills is achieved through completion of the European Computer Driving Licence (ECDL) program provided by the Irish Computer Society (ICS). A large number of personnel annually undertake ECDL training within numerous Defence Forces Training Institutions / Schools, on board Naval Ships and in overseas mission areas.”

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ICDL Presented to Key Organisations and Ministries in Tunisia

ICDL National Operator in Tunisia, Specto, recently organised an event in Hammamet, to emphasise the importance of ICDL to the Tunisian higher education sector. The event featured a presentation of the results of an ICT skills survey that was conducted at eight higher education institutions. ECDL Foundation was represented by Amal Dimashki, who delivered a presentation on the ICDL program and its adoption around the world.

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ICDL Asia Presents ICDL Programme to Universities & Government Agencies in the Philippines

ICDL Asia took part in the ICT Employment Opportunities and Certifications Forum, which was held in the Manila, Philippines, on 14 September. The event was attended by universities, the Department of ICT (DICT) Cluster Offices, and several agencies of the national government.

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ICDL Teacher Training Workshops Begin in Taiwan

More than 30 computer teachers from universities and colleges in northern Taiwan attended ICDL teacher training courses in late August, organised by the Computer Skills Foundation (CSF), the ICDL National Operator in the country. The courses took place as part of an initiative between ICDL Asia and CSF. Participants learnt about IT security and presentation during the workshops, and in the coming weeks, another round of training workshops in Central Taiwan will also be conducted.

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Students Achievements Recognised at ICDL Graduation Ceremony in Jordan

The Baptist School in Jordan recently held a graduation ceremony for its 13th and 14th cohort of ICDL students. In total, 80 students received their ICDL certificates, and eight students received ICDL Expert certificates.

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EU Policy News

ECDL Foundation Launches Brochure on Qualifications Frameworks

While it can be a challenge to compare qualifications and certifications between different countries, initiatives like National Qualifications Frameworks can help bring clarity and reduce skills mismatches in today’s workplace by increasing mobility for workers. ECDL Foundation has published a new brochure, looking at qualifications frameworks in more detail, and examining how the ECDL programme fits into them.

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Survey Confirms Digitisation of Everyday Life

A new study has uncovered the increasingly digital way that people in Europe access information, news and entertainment such as films and TV. The Eurobarometer survey found that, at least once a week, 53% of people use the internet to watch TV series or films, while 72% use it to follow the latest news.

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ECDL Foundation Blog

Blog Post: International Mobility is Essential to Reduce Skills Mismatches

It can be hard to figure out how to compare qualifications that come from different education systems or countries. Differing terminology due to differences in language and the wide variety of vocational courses, from apprenticeships to technical certifications from university, can get in the way of the simple task of working out whether someone is qualified for a job or a course of study. When a holder of a Master’s degree from Belgium is more highly qualified than a ‘Dottore’ from Italy, it is no wonder that confusion exists! Even though it might seem like an abstract problem, the challenge of comparing qualifications can make things difficult for people moving abroad for work or study, and for employers trying to assess candidates for a job. Read more

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