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ECDL/ICDL in Action Around the World

1 Million Indians to be Empowered with ICDL by National Skill Development Corporation of India in 5 Years

ICDL Asia has signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with the National Skill Development Corporation (NSDC) of India to start formal collaboration on improving digital literacy skills of the people of India. Both parties aim to explore various opportunities to implement ICDL certification programmes in India, including skilling 1 million migrating candidates, as well as other NSDC school or university initiatives in the next five years.

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ICDL Arabia Signs Agreement with Egyptian Ministry of Education

ICDL Arabia has signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with the Egyptian Ministry of Education to certify 20,000 teachers and administrators. Under the terms of the agreement, ICDL Arabia will provide the ICDL certification program, which is approved by the Supreme Council of Universities, to 20,000 teachers and administrators in the Ministry.

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Irish Embassy in Ethiopia Becomes ICDL Africa Test Centre

The Irish Embassy in Ethiopia became an ICDL Accredited Test Centre (ATC) earlier his year, with the aim of developing and enhancing the digital skills of all Embassy staff. The Embassy chose ICDL because it offers training and testing solutions that are flexible; it will help to close the digital skills gap among staff in the workplace; and because it is an internationally recognised qualification. The Embassy puts a high value on personal development and ICDL is an important tool to achieve that and also to enhance the overall productivity of staff.

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ICDL to be Available for Public University Students in Jakarta

The Universitas Pembangunan Nasional (UPN) - Veteran Jakarta has officially become an ICDL Accredited Test Centre. This collaboration aims to upgrade students’ computer skills to an international level.

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New ECDL Module Highlighted at ICS Skills Conference in Dublin

Representatives of ECDL Foundation attended the 19th Annual IT Training Conference, organised by Irish ECDL National Operator, ICS Skills in Dublin on 21 April. The conference brought together ECDL Accredited Test Centres and other key stakeholders in a forum for those interested in training and certification in public and private organisations and in educational institutions.

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ICDL Americas Attends ‘Virtual Environments in Education’ Fair in Panama

ICDL Americas participated in the recent ‘Virtual Environments in Education’ fair, organised by the APEDE association in Panama City. Romina Gonzalez, Development Manager of ICDL Americas, spoke on the topic of digital skills for educational environments, emphasising that achieving the educational goals of introducing ICT into learning environments is key to training and the continuous professional development of teachers.

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Nordic ECDL National Operators Gather in Stockholm

ECDL National Operators from Denmark, Finland, Norway and Sweden met in Stockholm on 20 April to discuss the ECDL programme and its implementation in the Nordic region. During the meeting, representatives of the four National Operators spoke with Damien O’Sullivan, CEO of ECDL Foundation.

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ECDL Foundation Signs Agreement with ECDL Netherlands

During a short ceremony in ECDL Foundation office in Dublin, Roy Osinga, Managing Director of ECDL Netherlands, and Damien O’Sullivan, CEO of ECDL Foundation, signed a 5-year agreement, endorsed by NGI, to promote the ECDL programme in The Netherlands. This partnership will enable the promotion of ECDL in both education and workplace sectors through new channels.

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ICDL Asia Joins Forces with Bhutan Ministry of Labour and Human Resources

ICDL Asia and the Bhutan Ministry of Labour and Human Resources (MoLHR) have signed a Letter of Intent that will see them working together to implement ICDL through the Bhutan Media and Communications Institute (BMCI), which is an Accredited Test Centre.

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ICDL Digital Citizen Demonstrates Digital Skills that Drive the Work of Public Servants in Colombia

300 people in the city of Tunja will receive ICDL Digital Citizen certification as part of the ‘Tunja Vive Digital’ project in Colombia. The project is being driven by the Ministry of Information and Communications Technology (MinTIC) and the Colciencias Plan, in cooperation with the Mayor of Tunja and the city’s Chamber of Commerce.

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Winner of 2016 ECDL Foundation Video Competition Receives Prize at Ceremony in Poland

Patryk Grenczyk, winner of the 2016 ECDL Foundation Video Competition, received his prize of an Apple iPad during a short ceremony held at the Silesia Governor’s Office in Katowice, Poland. His winning entry, a short video titled ‘I’m a student’, was one of many submitted to the competition, which challenged entrants to show their experience of ECDL in a 15 second clip.

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Digital Skills Assessment Promoted in Tunisian Universities

A digital skills assessment campaign took place in seven major universities in Tunisia recently, organised by Specto, the ICDL National Operator in the country. The campaign, which was held at Tunis El Manar University, the University of Sfax, the University of Gafsa, the University of Jendouba, the University of Sousse, the Higher Institute of Technological Studies of Nabeul, and the Polytechnique Sousse University, aimed to help students to better understand their level of ICT skills, and how ICDL can help them improve their skills.

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Almost 400 Students Participate in National Informatics Olympiad in Romania

Nearly 400 high school students participated in the National Informatics Olympiad in Romania this month. The event, which is supported by ECDL Romania, was held over two days on 16 and 17 April. It was organised by the Romanian Ministry of Education and Research, with Dolj County School Inspectorate. More information can be found on the website of ECDL Romania (in Romanian).

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EU Policy News

European Commission Calls for Improved Digital Skills as Part of Digitising European Industry

The European Commission, this month, announced a communication on digitising European industry. The proposals, which are part of the wider Digital Single Market Strategy, include calls to boost digital skills among workers. Reinforcing the message that digital skills will be vital in the transforming workplace, the Commission Communication on ‘Digitising European Industry’ calls on national governments and businesses to take steps to increase levels of digital competences.

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ECDL Foundation Blog

Blog Post: Perception and Reality: Measuring Digital Skills

If I asked you to rate your skills with word processing software on a scale of 1 to 10, then it is pretty likely that you would rate your skills quite highly, maybe an 8 or a 9. But what is that score based on? Does it mean that you know how to do a mail merge, or that you can edit and apply text styles? That’s the problem with self-assessment: everyone measures differently. Add in the tendency for people to overestimate their abilities, and you have the ingredients for a lot of confusion about what people can really do with technology! Read more

Other Posts

Future Jobs and Europe’s Recovery Will Rely on Digital Skills

The latest edition of the year-long e-Skills for Jobs campaign is about to get truly underway. As long-time supporters of the campaign, we thought we’d share some of our thoughts on the state of digital skills in Europe, and our hopes for how they will develop over the coming year and beyond. Read more

Schools' role in Addressing the ‘Digital Native’ Fallacy

There is growing recognition that our schools must address the Digital Native Fallacy and offer young people structured programmes in the effective and safe use of digital technology in their personal lives and in the use of the digital technology they will be expected to use in their further education and future workplaces. Read more

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