ECDL Foundation Newsletter - May 2016

ECDL/ICDL in Action Around the World

Excellence in Implementing ECDL / ICDL Around the World Showcased During ECDL Forum in Budapest

Eight projects were recognised as exceptional examples of the implementation of ECDL Foundation’s programmes at the annual Best Practice Awards, held during the ECDL Foundation Forum in Budapest, Hungary.

The Best Practice Awards were established by ECDL Foundation to acknowledge and credit initiatives and projects that show best practice in using ECDL to raise levels of digital literacy or that promote ECDL. The four categories were: ECDL in the Workplace, ECDL in Education, ECDL in Society, and Marketing.

The winners were:

ECDL / ICDL in Society

First Place: OCG, Austria: ‘OCG Cares’
Second Place: Computer Society of Zimbabwe: ‘Dzikwa Trust ICT Hub with ICDL Capacity’

ECDL / ICDL in the Workplace

First Place: ICDL Colombia: ‘Certification of 1,000 Trainers at the Workforce Training Centre in Colombia’
Second Place: ECDL Cyprus: ‘ECDL at Sea – S@tgate On-Board Online’

ECDL / ICDL in Education

First Place: Computer Society of Zimbabwe: ‘Seke Teachers’ College – ICT in Education Pilot’
Second Place: ECDL Romania: ‘High School Students Learn 3D Printing’


First Place: ECDL Switzerland: ‘Swiss ECDL Study – Poor Basic Digital Skills and Overestimation Used as Marketing Tool’
Second Place: AICA, Italy: ‘Click Safely – You can with ECDL. Protect Yourself with IT Security’

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ICDL Thailand Meets Thai Minister of ICT for Collaboration Discussions

ICDL Thailand held a meeting with the Thai Minister of Information and Communication Technology, Dr Uttama Savanayana and the Ambassador of Ireland to Thailand, Mr Brendan Brown on 7 April to discuss digital literacy in the country. The meeting took place in the context of the country’s initiative to build a digital economy.

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Partnership with University Brings ICDL to Panama

ICDL Americas is working with the Faculty of Computing Science, Electronics and Communication at the University of Panama on the first international digital skills ICDL certification process in the country. As part of the Academic Cooperation Framework Agreement to be signed between the University of Panama and ICDL Americas, based on the mutual interest in developing innovation, technological advancement and skills for employability and productivity in Panama, a call is being launched for an initial training and ICDL certification pilot within the Extension Department of the Faculty.

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Agreement Signed Between ICDL Americas and the Association of Universities of Latin America and the Caribbean for Integration

A Memorandum of Understanding was signed on 10 March between the Association of Universities of Latin America and the Caribbean for Integration (AUALCPI) and ICDL Americas in Bogota. The agreement will see digital skills further promoted and developed in Latin America and the Caribbean to strengthen skills for higher education and the workplace. The organisations agreed on the need to strengthen the infrastructure and skills around new technologies in relation to training people and institutions in digital competences at all levels, which requires the key support of higher education institutions as educators of globally-qualified citizens.

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ECDL Spain Celebrates Internet Day 2016

2016’s Internet Day, or ‘el Día de Internet’, was celebrated by ECDL Spain on 17 May. The annual event, which has been marked in Spain and other Spanish-speaking countries since 2005, aims to show the possibilities of using new technologies to improve peoples’ quality of life.

Participants including, businesses, public institutions, and NGOs organised activities and events in a number of countries. ECDL Spain participated for the first time this year to promote the importance of digital literacy and ECDL. All Accredited Test Centres in Spain opened their doors to the public, offering free sample ECDL tests.

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New Sample Tests for Open Source Software on

As part of our ongoing commitment to meeting candidate needs, we have recently added new sample tests for the ECDL Computer Essentials and ECDL Online Essentials modules for Ubuntu 15 and LibreOffice 5.0.

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ECDL Foundation Strengthens Relationship with Turkish Informatics Association

During a brief visit to Ankara, Jakub Christoph, ECDL Foundation’s European Development Manager, met senior staff of the Turkish informatics association, Türkiye Bilişim Derneği (TBD), led by Ílker Tabak, President of TBD. During the meeting, a number of areas of future cooperation were discussed. ECDL Foundation will work closely with TBD to develop localised versions of the ECDL ICT in Education and IT Security modules.

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Syrian Computer Society and Specto Co-operate to Launch ICDL Advanced and Specialised Modules in Syria

ICDL Advanced modules and the ICDL Project Planning module will soon be available in Syria, thanks to a partnership between the Syrian Computer Society (SCS), the ICDL National Operator in Syria, and Specto. Four staff members from SCS are currently taking intensive training in the modules, while Specto is reviewing materials for the modules. Once the staff members are trained, they will begin training staff at Accredited Test Centres in the country.

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Italian School Students Compete in Third Edition of Highly Successful Webtrotter Competition

AICA, the ECDL National Operator in Italy has organised the third edition of the annual ‘Webtrotter’ competition for school students. ‘Webtrotter, around the world in 80 minutes!’ is a team competition in which students have to search for information and dates of a certain topics online, following structured questions related to five continents. The theme of this year’s competition was the Olympic Games.

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EU Policy News

ECDL Highlighted by EU Agency

ECDL has been featured in the latest edition of CEDEFOP’s monthly magazine, which is distributed to a wide audience and focusses on promoting learning for work. CEDEFOP, the European Centre for the Development of Vocational Training, an agency of the EU, highlighted the importance of ECDL as a way of accrediting employees’ skills and competences. The article, titled ‘14 Ways to Tackle Skills Mismatches’, also emphasises the benefits of ECDL, including improved efficiency, increased employee confidence and greater job satisfaction.

ECDL Foundation works extensively with a range of partners at EU level, including CEDEFOP, to raise awareness of the importance of digital skills. You can read more on the CEDEFOP website.

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Digital Skills Highlighted in Council of the European Union Conclusions

The Council of the European Union has included digital skills as an integral part of newly adopted conclusions regarding the importance of media skills acquired through education and training. The conclusions highlighted the digital skills gap and discussed the importance of digital skills in the employment market.

More information can be found on the website of the Council of the European Union.

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ECDL Foundation Blog

Blog Post: Perception and Reality: Measuring Digital Skills

If I asked you to rate your skills with word processing software on a scale of 1 to 10, then it is pretty likely that you would rate your skills quite highly, maybe an 8 or a 9. But what is that score based on? Does it mean that you know how to do a mail merge, or that you can edit and apply text styles? That’s the problem with self-assessment: everyone measures differently. Add in the tendency for people to overestimate their abilities, and you have the ingredients for a lot of confusion about what people can really do with technology! Read more

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