2014 ECDL Foundation Best Practice Awards Winners

Best Practice Awards Globes 2014ECDL Foundation established the annual Best Practice Awards to acknowledge and credit initiatives and projects that are considered as exceptional examples of the implementation of ECDL Foundation programmes that help to raise levels of digital literacy, and promote ECDL / ICDL in local markets.

This year there were four different categories for entries. Click 'Download' to view each entry. To view the press releases detailing the winners’ and runners’-up initiatives in the four categories, please follow the respective links below:

Congratulations to all of the winners of this year's best practice awards.  

See below for a list of winners and runners-up:

Government / Public

ICDL Libya                 

ICDL Libya Press Release


ECDL Romania



The Government/Public category acknowledges and credits successful projects and initiatives implemented within the public sector. ICDL Libya was awarded first prize for its achievement in successfully including ICDL training and certification as part of two Ministry funded projects which aimed to address the high unemployment rate and lack of digitally skilled workers in Libya.

Corporate / Private

ICDL Africa

ICDL Africa Press Release


University of Central Asia

Central Asia


The Corporate/Private category highlights innovative projects and initiatives that led to noticeable improvements in the levels of digital literacy amongst private sector workers. ICDL Africa was awarded first prize for its project with KK Training which according to employers “improved efficiency of employees, delivery of reports, presentation skills, faster generation of expected work outputs, and reduced basic IT support requests.” 

Social Inclusion

ECDL Austria       

ECDL Austria Press Release   


ICDL Colombia



The Social Inclusion category acknowledges successful projects which promote access to ICT skills for all members of society. ECDL Austria was awarded first prize for its project which saw ECDL certification included in training and development programmes aimed at easing the transition from elite sport to the labour market. 

Digital Marketing Solutions for the new ECDL / ICDL

ICDL Korea               

South Korea   
ICDL Korea Press Release


ECDL Hellas



The Digital Marketing category recognises innovation in promoting ECDL Foundation’s certification programmes through new technologies. ICDL South Korea was awarded first prize for its website development which allows candidates to register for the ICDL programme, sign up for a training course, select a test date and access their results all on the same platform. 

The objective of this year’s Best Practice Awards is to acknowledge National Operators’ initiatives/projects which are considered to be successful examples of best practice in the implementation of ECDL / ICDL.

The Best Practice Awards show key lessons that can be learnt by sharing the experience of the different ways in which ECDL / ICDL can be implemented. The experience of implementing successful and innovative ways to promote ECDL / ICDL has proven to be invaluable to all National Operators in approaching their markets with fresh ideas.

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